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Guest post by Michael De Borja

Did you ever thought that America was a reason for our country’s fall? And a great one? Did you ever thought that we were sided by the Americans at all times? Sure, Japan gave us a lot of trouble and suffering but the Americans did too. Ever thought of what the actual reasons were why the Americans fought for us against the Spaniards and colonized us after? Americans used a lot of tactics and strategies in looking innocent upon making use of us.

Yes, they educated us, taught us more about politics, gave us a degree of freedom, and opened our trading system once again. But all of it were tactics of theirs for achieving and obtaining something for themselves. All of what ‘good’ things they did for us have sublime meanings and reasons. What they all did for us was mainly for their benefit and improvement.

In this site, you will be enlightened on what the real reasons and what their real motives were and also how they hid the truth. Prepare yourself in to learning what you’ve didn’t expect and what may be opposite to what you’ve been taught in your lower levels of schooling. Prepare yourself for the truth!


Pinoy’s Big Brother

Guest post by Giorgio Armani

Ever heard of the white man’s burden? It’s probably as good as it gets, the white man presents you modernization, provides aid, and heck, he’ll probably give you a foot rub if you ask nicely too. And what do they want it return? Why ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! As a Caucasian of superior bloodline and a suspiciously-looking grin to boot, they have placed it under their direct responsibility to spread their knowledge to third world countries such as the Philippines for their humanitarian efforts that God has held them to be responsible for.

Because they’re Jebus-fearing people.

And true enough, the Americans did bring along a lot of changes into the country, most particularly those concerning education as well as healthcare. When the Philippines was left untended to by the Spaniards, the Americans helped the former break free from the three century occupation of the Spaniards and brought with them a piece of America to the country. Of course with the treatment we got from the Americans compared to the Spaniards, the Americans were a breath of fresh air. When the Americans introduced a different educational system wherein students are catered to regardless of gender, the Filipinos could not have been happier. You see, the highest form of education you could get during the Spanish colonization without having to constantly fear for the tax collector and your very life, is to be a friar. Moreover, gender discrimination prevailed during those times which brought us “the rule of thumb.”

Pictured: If Mario continued his doctorate.

And if we were to compare the economical and social development as well, the Spaniards did very little development for the country as Spain focused on its other problems whereas the Spaniards were making the Philippines a lottery center where they go to for them to become rich instantly, only the ticket’s just for show and you get to win almost all the time. Even the most noticeable developments in the Philippine economy during the Spanish era were by the British, not the Spanish. Just goes to show why we liked the Americans a lot more. But the main reason that the American’s stayed after the Spanish release was that the Philippines was not prepared to be “entirely independent” yet. True enough, the country would quickly crash and burn without its guiding wheels and fully-padded body protection, which might or might not be an exaggerated representation of America, which then brings us to yet another reason.


The Americans called it “benevolent assimilation.” As awry as it may place your sense of confidence in the Americans with that word, this probably took a long time for their diplomats to come up with. You know, because colonization is such a harsh word, as stated in the Unabridged Book of Euphemisms.

Some assimilation efforts are best not bragged about.

Sure enough, our Big White Brothers knew what was best for us. It’s not like their exploiting or brainwashing us into becoming consumers of their twinkees market or anything…. right?


The Dark Side of the American Force

Guest post by Daryl Flores
The Dark Side of the (American) Force

From the previous article, we showed what the Americans brought to us after “kicking out” the Spaniards. They brought to us so many wonderful things! Education! Health! The English language!

Also, apples!

They brought to us so much new things that you should wonder why they are bringing these to us. Sure, they said it’s the white man’s burden to improve the “inferior” peoples, but still, it’s impossible for (almost) anyone to give so much without expecting something back. And we’re not even talking about capitalists yet. And since the Philippines just pretty much got out of iron-fisted, resource-hungry Spanish rule, it would seem understandable for the Filipinos to accept anything that the new folks in town would bring. Especially if it’s “free”.

Or is it?

You will want to wonder why, in their sane capitalist minds, America would buy the Philippines from Spain for $20 million just so they could benevolently assimilate us. But of course, every foreign power that comes to the Philippines has their own agenda. It just so happened that the Americans, specifically the businesses, wants to expand beyond the national border as a result of a strong economy. And it just so happened again that Asia would be a good place to expand, what with China being dissected and shared between the different foreign powers of that time. Being the upstart nation of that time, America wants to have a piece of the superpower action, so they “liberated” the Philippines in order to have a base of operations from where they would go on to take China (or at least pieces of it). Its kinda like that new kid in school who really wants to hang out with the cool kids so he goes around doing the same stuff that the cool kids do. Except those cool things, which mainly comprise of partying and getting wasted, are replaced with conquering Eastern nations and still getting wasted, but now they’re using their newly conquered resources.

That’s what basically happened to the Philippines. America bought Philippines not so they could go all carebear on the Filipinos and give us what we really need (though they did give us useful things like education but more on that later on); they bought the Philippines so they would have a new source of raw materials as well as a drop point for their overabundant finished products. Also, they made certain that ANY development done on the country is done mostly for the Americans, especially the businessmen. Take note that these are not yet all of the reasons why America colonized the Philippines.

“Don’t worry kid, I’m gonna save you from them! (and take all that you have in the process)”

Another common misconception for the American occupation is education, as stated in their Manifest Destiny. They said they wanted to educate the Philippine people so that they may, one day, become as cultured and civilized as the Americans. But this was just a ruse that they created in order to embed into the Philippine mind that anything American should be followed, which will again benefit their economy. By doing this somewhat subliminal messaging (for example, when teaching the letter A the word apple is almost always used as an example) the children learning in schools will want to have American things. They also instilled Western culture by virtually destroying what little native culture we have left that wasn’t corrupted or destroyed by the Spaniards. This is again done by showing the “cultural superiority” of the West.

There were many other reasons for colonizing the Philippines, so it is simplified into the 5 D’s: Destiny, because they claim that it is their God-given destiny to educate the inferior ones; Defence, because democracy’s staunch enemy, communism, is gaining prominence in Asia and they need to keep it in check; Dollars, which has been described in the above paragraph; Deity; and Duty. The one that the Americans used as justification for colonizing the Philippines is benevolent assimilation, and all others are kept under wraps. So the next time some random stranger wants to be friendly to you, be vigilant! You never know whether that person does it out of good will or he wants to control you and your descendants.

“Soon you will worship me, you oversized bee… soon.”

Economic Dependency: How to Kill Your Yourself Economically

Guest post by Louie Balderrama

Americans captured the hearts of the Filipinos the same way we give in to those infomercial ads as if we volunteered to be scammed: with an overwhelming facade hiding that witty hidden agenda. Sure, you can go ahead and believe that they’ve come to us for our benefit like some kind of “Jesus Christ”-esque martyrdom, but that $20 Million they paid to have the Spaniards hand us over isn’t quite worth giving up for someone else’s favor, is it?

Uncle Sam: Like Jesus, only with a gun in his back

How can you not pick on us Filipinos? We were so perfect, we reeked the scent of a dedicated prey. Think about it: we were just recovering from the scars the Spanish has inflicted on us, we were pretty much new to our established independence – it would almost seem that we were “asking for it”. In the state the Philippines was in, we’d believe anything. There wouldn’t be any reason our country would reject any sort of “assistance”. And that’s where America steps in.

It started out amusing, like a circus crashing into town – you’re bound to have attention. Those Americans blessed us with a dazzling lifestyle, a splendid array of products, and technology that had us crave what it’s like outside the recovering Philippines. In a snap, they’ve settled themselves here, blinding us with their appealing influence as though we were the ones who were the tourists in their homes. But most of all, they’ve outsourced their industries here: opening a new market of consumers and shedding light to opportunities.

It was like a paid vacation and some guy back home had to do all the work…

They even outsmarted the British investors in the country by controlling the trade itself. Certain policies were established to prioritize the Americans alone in conducting businesses in the Philippine jurisdiction. Having the country’s government in their very hands, they clearly had the upper hand and the unfair advantage. But who’s to blame the Filipinos for affirmatively permitting such occurrence? Well, for one, the Philippines never before had witnessed an economy that progressive – with money circulating too fast and overwhelmingly for one to pause and realize that, “Maybe this will entail a bad outcome.”

Another good reason would of course be the booming dollar reserves steadily inclining within the country. It’s good reason enough to surpass the fact that while there is active buying and selling taking place, it doesn’t really attribute to the Philippines per se, it all gets chugged by the United States after all. What all these are doing is actually keeping Juan De La Cruz from putting down his Americanized ways and actually do something original – like building his OWN industrial empire and not strengthen theirs. But everyone’s too busy and distracted over their McDonald’s and Nike’s and whatnot to even put a thought that America had successfully killed all hopes of a self-sufficient, industrialized Philippines. No one saw it coming that those tall, “white brothers” they’ve so called were here for our resources and for prospecting a global market. We just couldn’t help ourselves to stop binging on American merch and think for a sec that we can outdo them – they simply gave us everything so we didn’t have to make it ourselves.

America was a bad mother and the Philippines fed on anything she gave her

That’s how America rebuilt the Philippines – they’ve shaped us into little, brown Americans who fattened up over American food to outgrow the need to provide for ourselves. And it had just gotten worse throughout the next following years. Around 1946, during the first year of Manuel Roxas as president, the administration signed the bill for the Bell Trade Act – one of the worst economic mistakes the Philippines gladly approved among others. It gave America the complete freedom to send in goods in the country without any trouble whatsoever for a whopping eight years –  that’s enough time for them to land the final blow on our industries, killing them completely. Disastrously, the Philippines, in turn, had a quota on our exports. We didn’t even have much exportation to begin with, and here they are branding us with a limit. Were we deep into Americans too much, or what?

To top it all off, Roxas sanctioned the Parity Rights – a provision under the aforementioned law that gave American businessmen as much rights as Filipinos in conducting business in the country. This encompassed all industries directed and operated by Americans: those that include even energy and telecommunications. What other way could we have allowed ourselves and our very own resources to get exploited by our supposed “visitors”?

The Americans had us nailed to their backs, even establishing naval and marine bases in our own land. The Mutual Defense Treaty also eventually got instituted, an agreement that obliged the Philippines to partner with the United States when a war involving America breaks out (and vice versa, when the Philippines gets involved in a war). Again, this gave America an advantage – another ally in its arsenal. As for us, it’s pretty much an obligation we signed to serve. It’s not like the Philippines would ever start it’s own war…

Cock wars don’t count

We might have our modernized (read: Western) lifestyle and ethics. We may have our technology to keep up with the world as well. We may also have our education to be worldly competitive. But  does that outweigh all hopes of having an independent economy that have its own industries and jobs to keep us safe, sound and satisfied in our home country? It doesn’t come even close…

Education: Mind Control 101

Guest post by Charleson Meridores

From the textbooks we learned from school, they say that one of Americans greatest contribution in the Philippines was Education. Compared to the Spaniards where only a few people are taught, the Americans encouraged the Filipinos to be educated like them.

You can be smart, come with me!

Well the Americans got what they want and the educated Filipinos want to become like them. Which is good for the Americans because their main reason in using education as a mean of colonization is to produce Filipinos that have interest in America even after the America leaves.

They even have a lane for themselves

Well how did the Americans do it anyway? When America was still in occupancy of the Philippines, the Americans made a rule about how education will implemented in the Philippines. The rule is that every child from age 7 was required to register in schools located in their own town or province. Also the students were given free school materials. Well if you think about it, the approach is good. But if you look at the curricular of the study, Most of the things that are being discussed are in English. Not only that it is in a different language, the history being taught in class is more on general and American history, only a small part is Philippines history. All this are required by the Americans.

Rather than school zones, we have English only zones.

The Education rules that were implemented in the Philippines by the Americans had a great effect in the Philippines. The way of teaching of the Americans had a psychological effect on the children. Most of the lessons are being taught in English; because of this little by little the children are changing their ideals to an American idealistic. The problem with this setup is that the children live in the Philippines; most of the ideals of America are for the Americans. An example is the alphabet chart. The alphabet chart contains English word that can only be seen in America. This setup influences the children to find those English words in real life by going to America.

Secret Mind Control Device

Is the education America gave really needed at that time? Before the Americans came, the Philippines already have scholars in the country.  So what’s the different before and after America came? Well English is the only big difference. So there was not much progress made when the Americans introduced education to the Philippines. The Americans just succeeded in controlling our minds through it.

What America prepared us for!

We can see it in the present state of the Philippines; a lot of Filipinos who are educated are working for the Americans. And most of the Filipinos are longing for American products. Which we can say that America has already succeeded in controlling us.

M is for McDonald’s

War aftermath

Guest post by Narib Dela Cruz

You think after being alienated by the Spanish and the Americans, the country would finally embrace its long sought out freedom promised by the Americans. I guess the Japanese think otherwise as they also want to plant their seeds in the history of the Philippines.

Before they came…

Japanese Aliens

Before the World War II (WWII) was formally recognized, the country of Japan was steadily expanding its territories by invading its neighboring countries such as China proper, Manchuria (lands between china and Russia), and is currently gaining military power which cannot be ignored by our current aliens, the Americans. Knowing that Japan is not that far, the Americans established the United States Army Forces in the Far-East (USAFFE) which is basically a combination of the Philippine Army with the Americans under Gen. Douglas MacArthur in preparation for the likely chance Japan decided to expand a little farther.

Gen. Homma vs Gen. MacArthur

After 10 hours since the famous attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese attacked the Philippines. After understanding that USAFFE cannot defend the whole Philippines, Gen. MacArthur decides to retreat to Corregidor and Bataan where they would regroup along with the current government officials, Manuel L. Quezon (President), Jose Abad Santos (Secretary of Justice) and Sergio Osmeña (Vice President) on December 26, 1941 leaving Jose P. Laurel (Chief Justice turned Secretary of Justice) in charge to face the Japanese. After which, he declared the Philippine Capital, Manila, an open city which should have hindered the Japanese from thinking about destroying Manila. Unfortunately, the Japanese still bombarded the city even if it was unarmed in broad daylight. The Japanese was able to capture Manila without a fight (for obvious reasons) and proceeded to bombing the last USAFFE stronghold in Bataan where the bulk of the USAFFE forces bunkered themselves in.

Gen. Masaharu Homma originally planned a quick decisive victory over the Philippines and be on his way in conquering other Asian countries, but the stronghold in Bataan and  Corregidor was delaying his plans. The Japanese again and again tried to take the islands but to no avail as the USAFFE was able to repel the Japanese land or sea. After months of fierce siege by the Japanese, the rations and ammunitions of the USAFFE army was running low, disease and malnutrition was evident among the units. On March 11, 1942, Gen. MacArthur left the Bataan islands for Australia under commands from the American President through the use of a submarine. With General Jonathan Wainwright as the succeeding commander of the USAFFE, the siege of Bataan lasted for approximately five months until the defenders in Bataan under General Edward King surrendered to Gen. Homma without consent to Gen. Wainwright. The prisoners were sent to San Fernando Pampanga. This was known as the Bataan Death March due to the number of prisoners that died during the march towards the prisoner camp.

Death March

With the Bataan conquered, the Japanese increased their offensive on the Corregidor islands, the last stronghold of the USAFFE. After days of non-stop bombardment, Gen Wainwright was forced to surrender. During the negotiations with Gen. Homma, Gen. Wainwright was forced to order the full surrender of the USAFFE to the Japanese. Hence, the fall of the Philippines to the Japanese was completed.

The Philippines under Japan

Japan started to spread its control over the country. First thing is the reforming of the Philippine Government, it was named as the Central Administrative Organization with the purpose of the country being run by Filipinos but under a Japanese leash. This is achieved by ordering all the members of the administration to have Japanese assistants which are obviously used to keep the government in check. Japan started the puppet government followed by Japanese Propaganda trying to justify their actions with the Filipinos and how they were saved from eastern influence.

The Japanese authorities figured out that their current way of handling things is not helping them influence the Filipinos to join their cause, hence they stated that the Japanese government would grant the Philippines Full independence in the near future. The leaders were not fooled but still pretended to rejoice. Kapisanan sa Paglilingkod sa Bagong Pilipinas (KALIBAPI) was instructed to form a commission on June 18, 1943 where Jose P. Laurel was elected as president.

Towards education, It is notable that for the first time in Philippine History, the foreigners actually invoked the National Dialect of the Filipinos, Tagalog, as the primary medium in teaching.  However, only few Filipinos returned to school as the citizens are still cautious of the intentions of the Japanese.

Towards economy, there was the introduction of the Mickey Mouse Money, also known as the Japanese government-issued Philippine fiat peso or simply Japanese Peso. The money is invaluable as commodities were worth sacks of these money.

Mickey Mouse Money

The Japanese planters ordered the Hacienderos (land owners) to plant cotton in their lands resulting in the lack of necessary agricultural products such as rice. Furthermore, the little rice that was produced in the country was focused on relieving the hunger of the Japanese Army.

Brutal Killings

The Japanese ruling over the Philippines is the embodiment of the phrase “Let them hate us, as long as they fear us”. The Filipinos who were accused of being guerillas were brutally tortured by the Japanese where most were innocent. Those however who were spies were forced to cry out other members due to the cruel torture they undergo daily.  The result was the hate and fear of the Filipino citizens towards the Japanese. The fear led to the Filipinos constantly waiting to be arrested and tortured as the Japanese randomly makes accusations. The few who had the courage to stand up to the Japanese fled to the mountains to join the rebel groups such as the HUKBALAHAP (Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon). The Filipinos also had the constant fear with regards to the words “kura” which could either mean “come here” or “go away” depending on the hand signal of the soldier. The common slapping of the soldiers towards the Filipinos, children and women are no exception, caused the Filipinos to despise the Japanese more. Furthermore, the constant fear of Filipino spies caused the people to be cautious to what they say in Public.

The Filipino People lost their sense of social and moral balance during the chaos, some events that portrayed this are shown below:

  • During the initial occupation in Manila, hours before the occupation, the city was in turmoil as everyone was robbing shops and people are rampaging in the city. The police had no power as all arms were surrendered in par with the open city policy.
  • Tragedy of Capas – where the medicines and rations sent to help the injured Filipino prisoners were denied to the patients themselves. The Filipino Physicians later sold the medicines with unreasonable prices, ironically, to those who sent the medicines in the first place.

The aftermath of war

After the Americans recapture the Philippines, everything was in ruins. Constant bombing resulted in establishments being razed to the ground. Millions of Filipino Citizens died without reason from the brutal Japanese and the crossfire between the two forces. The Philippines was caught in the midst of conflict without having the power to defend its own. Like the other colonizers, the only thing the Japanese brought in our country is chaos and increased suffering. The Japanese and Americans both conquered the Philippines for their own benefit utilizing it as a resource and not aiding its quest in establishing an independent nation. The only contribution that thJapanese occupation provided the Philippines is that it opened the eyes of the Filipinos that the Americans are not powerful enough to defend the Philippines and was only interested in its location. The event also help pave the way to nationalistic identity as to prevent this from ever occurring again.